Phantom Dragon Ranch was founded to promote the versatility, abilities, and wonderful talent of both the Peruvian Horse and the English Shire. We have had the privilege to exhibit these horses across the United States at Fairs, Parades, Shows and Exhibitions, as well as Memorial Tributes, Historic Events and Local Functions.

Phantom Dragon Ranch has performed at many places with many routines--most noted for the costuming with such things as the Dragon, Elephant, Triceritops, 2 Headed Horse, Push-Me-Pull-Me Horse, Zebras, Unicorns and much more!! We also do everything from traditional Western, English, Dressage, Jumping, Traditional Peruvian, Medieval and Sidesaddle. We incorporate costuming and various riding elements to create unique performances. We enjoy challenging our horses and ourselves to excel at multiple skills and disciplines to show the versatility that is possible with these wonderful animals--both the Peruvian Horse and the English Shire.

A short list of the events and Performances participated in:

    - We have ballroom danced with our horses by invitation of country singer, Michael Martin Murphey, at the National Western Stock Show's "Evening of Dancing Horses". Carbon Dale was the first Peruvian Horse they ever had performing in that show.

    - "Paid Tribute to Fallen Soldiers" at Cripple Creek Veterans Celebration, Memorial Day Parades, Colorado State Fair, and the John Wayne 100th Birthday Celebration in Winterset, Iowa, again by invitation of Michael Martin Murphey.

    - Our horses have performed on invitation in the Boulder Horse Ballet for the last ten years.

    - They are consistent winners of the Halloween with Horses in Parker, Colorado, having won Grand Prize three times, and First Place Adult division five times.

Costumed performances we have done include The Dragon, Thor's Circus as the Elephant, Monster Ram, and Sange de Torro, with Cedric Hall, directed by Barbara Gardner. Sidesaddle performances include, Balance, Memory, Push-Me-Pull-Me Horse, Walking on the Air, Quadrilles and many more. Please see our Exhibition page for more information and video.

The horses of Phantom Dragon Ranch have all been trained by Phantom Dragon Ranch. Lessons and consultations are available for Sidesaddle, English, Western, Single Horse Driving, Performance, Exhibition and Musical Freestyle. We do not take outside horses for training, but will train you with your horse to work together.

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