SH Burlon was born in 1990 (click here for Burlon's pedigree). He is a walking history of many of the greatest foundation horses of the Peruvian breed, son and grandson of multiple champion, champion of champions, and Laureado champions, *AEV Oro Negro and AEV Regional.

Burlon was rescued in May 2007, after surviving years of living in a small unventilated brick stall, on filth and urine, dirty or no water and poor quality or often no food. Burlon did not succumb to depression, insanity, starvation or dehydration in his unbearable conditions. He is a testimony to survival and courage and his kind, and gentle eyes tell everything about his great and loving heart. When the Conquistador Program failed, he was then rescued by the Arizona Horse Rescue and then adopted by Phantom Dragon Ranch, who had shown interest in the Stallion for many years.

Today he is a happy and health gentleman, and is a total charmer of all who visit!

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