Maxx is our 2009 Shire Stallion. He is great under saddle and harness, excelling in show, trail, parades and performance--both under saddle and driving.

Maxx is an exceptional Shire stallion that has it all ~ from his great attitude to his conformation. Click here to see pedigree

Maxx has great legs and feet that are balanced and hard. His deep, sloping shoulder allows for free movement and beautiful action, which is backed up by a set of powerful hindquarters with strong joints and muscles in the rear. He has well defined withers that extend into a short, strong back. Maxx has natural balance and collection, with exceptional movement and athleticism. His elegant action, floating trot and light balanced canter are an amazing find in even the Shire breed which is noted for athletic draft horses and crosses.

One of the best attributes of the Shire is temperament, and Maxx is no exception. He is always alert, inquisitive, and intelligent; yet he is also completely tractable and anxious to please. He started doing Exhibitions at the age of 2 at liberty and in hand and has continued to amaze audiences with his driving and riding both in exhibitions, parades, show and fun events. He thoroughly enjoys strutting into a ring or through a parade and listening to the crowd cheer.

This combination of talent, beauty and brains is an exceptional find.

Performances and Parades:


On Trail:

SIRE: Monte (Lord Shadlac Montgomery), 18 hands
~Sire: Ithersay Black Knight (46807)
~Dam: Shadlac Bonnie (145004)

Monte was Grand Champion Stallion at Minnesota Regional Shire Show; Supreme Champion of the Show.

DAM: Jenson's Diplomat May (pictured with Max), 19 hands


2011-2012 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
2011-2013 Boulder Horse Ballet
2013 Jeffco's "An Evening of Horses"

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