Some of our favorite performance pictures over the past few years,
which showcase many of our horses--Peruvians, Shires, and Ponies!

More performances by Phantom Dragon Ranch!

Our Tribute to the Fallen Soldier performance,
done with Peruvians and Shires!

Phantom Dragon Ranch enjoys demonstrating the Peruvian Horse--showing the versatility,
smoothness, longevity and heart of this magnificent breed!

Phantom Dragon Ranch Parade Team has won NAPHA's High Point Parade award for 2012 and 2013!!

Phantom Dragon Ranch's infamous "Dragon", demonstrated many times over
by Amanda Miller Speaker and her Shire, Thor!

An incredible film opportunity for Amanda and Thor!

Thor was a hit in this music video!

"Catch Me if You Can"
Shire and Mini Horse Driving Performance at Boulder Horse Ballet

"The Last Unicorn"
Shire and Peruvian Horses Performance at Boulder Horse Ballet

"Walking in the Air"
Peruvian Horse Ribbon Performance at Boulder Horse Ballet

"Horse Soccer"
Peruvian Horse Soccer Presentation at Boulder Horse Ballet

"Walking Horses of the Americas"
Performance at Mane Event, Denver Horse Expo

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