Contact us for additional horses available that may not be listed at this time.


MORILLO (Altivo Imprevisto x Rosa de Amarilla)

DUQUESA DEL DRAGON (SH Burlon x LHA Copa de Nieve)

LIBELULA (Mansito x Triquitraque), now in Arvada, Colorado

ALTIVO IMPREVISTO (Soberano CM x Estrellita Linda), now in Boulder, Colorado.

EL ESMEREJON (MJM El Aguila Aterrizo X PPR Crerza Delicia), now in Kansas.

GABRIEL DEL DRAGON (Altivo Imprevisto X S.H. Gabriela), now in Ohio.

CARABO & MILANO, now in Nebraska

ESTRELLITA DEL DRAGON (Altivo Imprevisto X SH Granada), now in Florida

WMW EL HALCON (PPR Cereza Delicia x MJM El Aguila Aterrizo), now in Pueblo, Colorado

TESORO DEL DRAGON (Altivo Imprevisto X Libelula), now in Cheyenne, Wyoming

CORAZON DEL DRAGON (Altivo Imprevisto X SH Granada), now in Lexington, Kentucky

DOMA PALOMA, now in Roxford, Illinois

VISTA DEL DRAGON (Altivo Imprevisto X Bandera de Zumaya), now in Redlands, California

Training and Consultations available at your location or mine. Prices listed are for 20 mile radius of Lakewood, CO

Training & Lessons--any discipline welcome

Training Consultations--from start to finish & problem solving

Training & Lessons...$50 per hour

Training, Lessons...$750--20 hours

Private Workshop at your barn (up to 6 horses, 12 Auditors)...$900--6 hours

Foal Training, Imprinting, Halter Breaking, Trailer Loading...Call for Price


-Evaluation of Tack or Harness Fit
-Evaluation of Suitability of Horse to Rider
-Pre-purchase Exam
-Pre-purchase Advice for Horse or Tack

4-Photo Evaluation...$30

30 minute video...$50

Phone, 30 Minute...$35

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